Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Tapping World Summit

Pre-launch to the New 2012 Tapping World Summit has begun.

First Video: Why EFT Tapping is Scientifically Proven to Change Your Brain
Have you ever struggled to convince somebody you know or even yourself that Tapping works? 
Well new research is making the argument for what we all knew to be true for so long...tapping does work.

EFT expert Nick Ortner has put together a new video where you’ll learn some of this new science that is once and for all silencing the few remaining skeptics on EFT.  :)

And here’s the really exciting part...this video is a part of the lead up to this year’s 2012 Tapping World Summit! 

This is “the” event when it comes to EFT and Tapping. It’s free and only happens once every year.  :)

Before the new summit begins you can watch this great video talking about the new science that is coming out now on EFT and how it literally rewires the brain. This information is really fascinating.

These new developments are really important and can have a big impact on your life.

Remember to Tap...you know it works.  :)

Kathy Atkinson

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Does this sound like you?
“Every time I get ahead, I do something to sabotage my success.”
“I work really hard, I am busy all the time and I never get ahead.”
“I have great intentions and I never get started.”

Self-sabotage is an interesting occurrence. Why would you want to undermine your own success? Why wouldn’t you do the things that would bring success, happiness and abundance into your life?
Self-sabotage has nothing to do with skill, knowledge, desire or effort on your part.

Sabotaging your success is due to bumping up against self-imposed barriers that limit how much success you can comfortably allow into your life.

If something feels like it is too good to be true or success is coming too fast, or is beyond your comfort level, your subconscious mind kicks in and sabotages your success.
Your subconscious mind may want to keep you safe, keep you from getting hurt, and/or keep you from being disappointed. It may also want to prevent you from “getting too big for your britches”.

Take a moment and think about how Self-sabotage show up in your life.
  • Do you procrastinate and never get started?
  • Do you get started, but never finish?
  • Are you easily distracted and lack focus?
  • Do you experience excessive worry and fear?
  • Is there a constant steam of negative self-talk going on in your mind?
  • Do you need help in a particular area and you are not asking for it?
  • Do you find yourself destroying working relationships and you don’t even know why?
  • Do you eat poorly and avoid daily exercise?

Write down the self-sabotaging behaviors you are experiencing.

Now, explore why you would sabotage your success.
  • Are you afraid of success?
  • Are you afraid of failure?
  • Are you afraid to promote yourself?
  • Do you doubt your ability to succeed?
  • Do you feel unworthy and undeserving of success?
  • Are you afraid of change?
  • Are you afraid of “rocking the boat” in your relationships?
Write down why you believe you are sabotaging your success.

Being aware of your sabotaging behaviors and the reasons why you sabotage your success may be all you need to get over this pattern and get moving again. Your conscious mind can override your unconscious conditioned response with enough will-power and determination.

But, typically this pattern is so deeply engrained in your subconscious mind that once your will-power and your determination begins to wear off, you are back to sabotaging your success. That’s why dieters give up after a few days, weeks or months. Their will power wears off and their subconscious fears, doubts and limiting beliefs once again bubble up.

This is also why people who are determined to make more money often manifest ways to spend it or lose it once the level of income is beyond their subconscious comfort zone. Are you always manifesting ways to spend any extra money that comes your way? If so, you have some subconscious limiting beliefs that need to be changed.

You owe it to yourself to explore how and why you are sabotaging your success and begin to reprogram your subconscious mind for success. EFT meridian tapping is the best process I have found to address the subconscious programming that limits our ability to be successful in all areas of our lives.

If you need help wording your EFT sessions, I have a new EFT script and audio for Self-Sabotage on my web site as well as other EFT sessions that address the self-limiting subconscious programs you have running in your life.

I encourage you to use EFT meridian tapping on a daily basis to release or activate whatever will support your success. Here are links to some EFT sessions on my web site that will help you get started.

Friday, October 14, 2011

EFT for Constricted Breathing

EFT for Constricted Breathing by Kathy Atkinson, EFTCert-I

Noticing if you have constricted breathing is one of the easiest ways to determine the level of stress and tension you are carrying in your body. Treating constricted breathing with EFT tapping is one of the easiest ways to release the stress and tension from your body.

Try out this tapping session and see how it works for you.

Here are the steps…
First, inhale 2 or 3 maximum deep breaths. Take your time and don't hyperventilate. This step will stretch out your lungs so that any EFT improvement in your breathing cannot be attributed to a normal "stretching effect" of your lungs.

*Use common sense here. Don’t do anything to hurt or damage yourself and don't use this session if you have serious lung issues.

Once you have stretched your lungs as far as they will go then take another deep breath.

This time assess the deepness of your breath on a 0-10 scale where 10 is your estimate of your maximum capacity. Numbers typically vary from 3 to 9 on this.

Take the first number that comes up for you. The occasional person who rates their breath at a 10 may find that after the tapping, they will go to a 12 or 15.

Before going through the tapping sequences you might want to ask yourself these questions:
What does this constricted breathing remind me of?
Who does this constricted breathing remind me of?
What in my life is constricting me right now?
When in the past have I felt constricted? If there was an emotion connected to my constricted breathing, what might it be?

Jot down any significant information that comes to mind.

The questions aren’t necessary, but can often lead to new awareness that you didn’t have access to previously. Certainly use the questions if you don’t experience a significant shift in the depth of your breathing.

Now go through the following rounds of the EFT tapping. If you new to tapping and need a visual of where the meridian tapping points are located visit http://www.eft-downloads.com/Tapping%20Points.asp.

First EFT sequence for Constricted Breathing

Begin tapping on the karate chop point and say out loud…

Even though I have this constricted breathing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have this constricted breathing, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself for anything I am doing to contribute to this constricted breathing.

Even though I have this constricted breathing, I choose to relax my body and allow more air to flow into my lungs.

Even though something is limiting my breathing, I give my body permission to relax and let go of this constriction and limitation.

Eyebrow: This constricted breathing – I am ready to let it go.

Outside eye: This constriction that prevents me from breathing deeply. It is time to let it go.

Under eye: This limitation that prevents me from breathing deeply. I am letting it go now.

Under nose: I am ready to relax and release this constriction.

Chin: I am ready to relax and let more air to flow into my lungs.

Collarbone: It feels good to relax and breathe deeper now.

Under arm: It feels good to allow more life-giving oxygen to fill my lungs.

Top of head: From this moment on, I allow more air to flow into my body and into my lungs.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Access the depth of your next breathe again on a scale from 0-10.  If you still feel some constriction, continue with the next tapping sequence.

 Second EFT sequence for Constricted Breathing

Begin tapping on the karate chop point and say out loud…

Even though I still have some of this constricted breathing, I do feel myself relaxing and letting go of some of this constriction.

Even though I am still constricting my breathing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am still feeling some tension and tightness in my chest and it’s constricting my breathing, I am willing to relax and allow my body to breathe deeply now.

Eyebrow: This remaining constricted breathing - I release it now.

Outside eye: I am probably limiting and constricting myself in other ways.

Under eye: I release any limits and restrictions I have placed on myself.

Under nose: I release any tension and tightness I feel in my chest and feel in my life.

Chin: Any remaining constricted breathing - I release it now.

Collarbone: It feels good to relax and allow more air to flow into my lungs.

Under arm: It feels good to breathe deeply and evenly now.

Top of head: I honor myself for taking the time to relax deeply so I can breathe deeply.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Access the depth of your next breathe on a scale from 0-10. If you still feel some constriction, see if you can identify any issues contributing to your constricted breathing. Tap on those issues specifically or just repeat the tapping sequences holding your focus on a specific issue.

The vast majority of people notice a significant difference in the depth of their breathing using EFT tapping to release the tension and tightness in their chest area.

Please share your experience using this EFT session.

Monday, March 07, 2011

EFT for Stress Relief - Success Story

I asked permission to share the following success story I received from someone who downloaded the Stress Relief Session from my EFT-downloads.com web site. The message was so inspiring to me that I believed it will be helpful to others to read. I have removed the name and location of this individual as they wanted to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of their situation.

Hi Kathy,

Unfortunately this email won´t enhance your wealth but I owe you a real debt of gratitude and I felt it important to thank you.

Almost two years go I was diagnosed with Cancer having discovered a lump in my body. My first reaction was one of stark fear followed by absolutely “nothing”. It was as if I didn´t have Cancer at all, apart from a few aches and pains I was “fine”, just needed to work on a physical cure.

For my sins I have little regard for the conventional forms of treating Cancer so I began to research the internet, the research took several weeks and in the end I decided upon The Budwig Diet, it seemed right for me.

During my research I read much of the effects of illness on the mind and indeed the widely shared view that the mind itself might even be a major contributor to physical illnesses. (I believe conventional medicine is belatedly coming around to this way of thinking). I also came across EFT and thought little of it, particularly as my interpretation of the mental side of things was that everything was well under control.

The weeks passed as I stuck religiously with my new Budwig regimen, until that is one evening, I went to bed and was unable to sleep. This continued for a full week by the end of which I was a complete and utter wreck. I wasn´t thinking or worrying about the Cancer but my mouth was dry in the night, I got up to urinate maybe a dozen times each and every night. I could hear every sound in my body, I was exhausted but still I couldn´t sleep.

To add to my woes I began to develop phobias for the first time in my life. I couldn´t drink a glass of water without the onset of a panic attack, this exacerbated my dehydration, I felt I was losing my sanity.

I´d chosen to tell no-one of my Cancer (apart from my dear wife), you know, the strange looks, the wagging tongues, the morbid curiosity. I´d seen it with other people and I didn´t want any part of that. I didn´t speak to my family primarily because my Mum was 83 at the time and not in a good state of health, it may have lead to her decline.

I did however confide in a friend whom I knew to have a degenerative illness and I trusted to be discreet. Having expressed his sympathy for my condition, he then told me of his own situation and asked whether I had “accepted” my illness. At first I didn´t really understand what he meant by his question but after much talk and consideration it appeared that my “dealing” with my illness was a complete misconception and that my week of trauma was most likely due to my burying the problem.

Well there you are, I needed help and I needed it fast. Discovering the problem was one thing, dealing with it quite another.

At this point I revisited my research and turned towards the EFT more specifically your own “free” 14 minute Anxiety Relief Session. It literally brought me back from the brink Kathy and for that I´m truly grateful.

I´ve used it daily for over 18 months now. As a bi-product it has also resolved a 15 year Blood Pressure problem, my BP is now low if anything, all this as I contend with the difficulty of fighting the Cancer.

I´ve never slept well for as long as I can remember, however, your tape has also contributed to an enormous improvement there too, I now have 8 hours sleep, every night.

In the first 18 months my Cancer markers were steadily improving, that is until early November when there was a set back. Again I went into panic mode but this time my grief lasted only for a few hours. I bombarded myself with your tape and I slept well that very night and the following day I was positive once more and ready to do battle.

The Cancer is of course a worry but believe me, the way the mind deals with it is so important. When the mind fails, everything else collapses with it.

I have joined an EFT group and decided I will train so that I might help others. I attended the first part of my training on January 3rd, the energy I derived from the group was beyond belief, indeed upon my return home the following day whilst bouncing up and down on my trampoline (this oxygenates the cells and fights the cancer) I had what I would call a revelation.

It came to my mind that I had actually given myself Cancer as punishment for the awful financial decisions I´d made over the last few years. By this putting my wife and I in an awful predicament.

All this apart I felt positive about my discovery and through EFT I´m continuing with the recovery process both physical and mental.

Kathy, your tape has been a marvellous help, thank you sincerely.Name and location withheld by request

Please share this story with anyone that might benefit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Needs vs Wants - New Year's Audio Presentation

I always like to host a New Year's call, but I didn't have time to set it up this year, so I recorded a 35 minute audio on Needs vs Wants. It is fun to give you a different approach to goal setting and I believe this call will get you thinking about what you really need this year to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

During the first 20 minutes or so, I share some personal examples on how I have manifest things I needed not just wanted, and then I take you through a meridian tapping sequence to help create an energy shift on this topic.

I have included the written tapping sequence if you want to print off a copy. I had trouble uploading the full recording, so I split it into two parts. Part 1 is the discussion and examples and Part 2 is the tapping sequences.

Listen to the audio presentation:
Part 1: http://www.eft-downloads.com/2011/NeedsvsWantsPart1.mp3

Part 2: http://www.eft-downloads.com/2011/NeedsvsWantsPart2.mp3

Download a copy of the recordings to your computer by right-clicking and choose "save" or "save as".

New to EFT? See a visual of the meridian tapping points: http://www.eft-downloads.com/Tapping%20Points.asp

EFT Meridian Tapping Sequence from the Needs vs Wants Audio Presentation

Take a deep breath in and as you release it out begin tapping on the karate chop point and say out loud…

Even though I want lots of things, I am ready to identify exactly what I need to be happy, healthy and successful this year.

Even though I have a long list of things I want and I haven’t allowed them in yet, I recognize that I do have the things that I have decided I really need.

Even though I haven’t turned all my wants into needs yet, I am ready to decide on what I absolutely need in my life this year.

Eyebrow: I am ready to change my wants into needs.

Outside eye: I am ready to change how I create my life.

Under eye: I am ready to amp up my energy around the things I need to be happy and healthy.

Under nose: I am ready to identify exactly what I need in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Chin: I am ready to listen to my inner guidance because it knows precisely what I need.

Collarbone: I intend to focus on what I absolutely need this year.

Under arm: I intend to manifest the means to fulfill all my needs.

Top of head: I intend to follow the path of health, happiness and success this year.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Continue tapping and anchor in some more affirmations.

Eyebrow: It is fun to be a deliberate creator.

Outside eye: It is fun to manifest what I need to be happy and healthy.

Under eye: I am excited to declare to myself and the Universe exactly what I need this year.

Under nose: My true path to success is now open to me.

Chin: I am ready to walk that path with ease and grace.

Collarbone: The time is now to fulfill all of my needs and desires.

Under arm: This is the year that I experience amazing personal success.

Top of head: This is the year that I experience optimal living in all areas of my life.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Check in with yourself and see if it feels more exciting now to identify what you truly need this year.

Repeat the tapping sequences as necessary. Feel free to change the wording to make the session more personal and appropriate for you.

I hope 2011 turns out to be your best year yet!

Kathy Atkinson

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Stress Tip + EFT for Feeling Overwhelmed

Holiday Stress Tip

The holidays can be stressful when you have to include all the extra holiday activities into your already busy schedule.

Here is a tip that I have been using to shift my energy when I start to feel overwhelmed. I change my words from “I have to” to “I get to”.

Instead of saying “I have to go shopping.” I immediately change the statement to “I get to go shopping. I get to pick out perfect presents for my family and friends.”

Instead of saying “I have to clean the house.” I switch the statement to “I get to clean, organize and de-clutter the house and create a welcoming and festive environment.”

Take a moment and say out loud, “I have to” and then say “I get to”. Notice how those words feel to you.

If you are like me, saying “I have to” feels heavy and drags down my energy. I catch my inner child wrinkling up her nose. Saying the words “I get to” makes me feel lighter and pulls my energy forward. I see my inner child clapping her hands and feeling excited.

Read over the following statements and notice how they feel to you.

I have to decorate the house. ~ I get to decorate the house and share the joy of the holidays with my family and fiends.

I have to bake cookies. ~ I get to bake cookies and infuse them with my love.

I have to go to that holiday party. ~ I get to dress up, go out, have some fun and enjoy the company of others.

I have to send out holiday cards. ~ I get to touch base with people I love and care about and let them know I am thinking about them.

A simple shift in wording can make all the difference. Try it out for yourself.

I hope this tip helps you to enjoy the holiday season. If you are really feeling overwhelmed and time challenged, here is an EFT tapping sequences you can use to process those feelings.

EFT Sequence for Feeling Overwhelmed

Begin tapping on the karate chop point and say out loud…
Even though I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do, just for right now I choose to feel calm and relaxed.

Even though I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, I choose to feel calm and relaxed.

Even though I feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to focus on anything, I allow my body and my mind to relax.

Even though I feel overwhelmed, I have the ability to relax and come back into a state of inner calm and harmony.

Eyebrow: I feel so overwhelmed.

Outside eye: I have so much to do.

Under eye: I don’t know where to begin.

Under nose: Just for right now I choose to feel calm.

Chin: Just for right now I choose to relax.

Collarbone: I am ready to release the feeling of being overwhelmed by all I have to do.

Under arm: I am ready to relax.

Top of head: I am ready to experience a state of inner calm and inner harmony.

Stop tapping. Take a deep breath in, and release it out.

Repeat the sequence a few times and use it as often as necessary.

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Have the Power!

I attended Donna Eden's Energy Medicine for Your Life workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is a picture of Donna and her husband David Feinstein.

Moving energy is so simple and easy that I wanted to share one of her techniques.

EFT meridian tapping is wonderful for shifting your energy and addressing minor aches and pains, but it is not the only way to move energy. Here is a quick and effected technique for breaking up the blocked or congested energy that shows up in your body as pain, stiffness or discomfort.

I have adapted the following instructions for sending energy to your body from pages 18-19 of Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine for Women.

1. Locate an area on your body with some minor discomfort, tenderness, soreness, pain, tension or stiffness. Your shoulders are good place to start since most people carry some tension and tightness in this area. Just feel around or move your body around until you locate a specific area to work on. (For this initial exercise, don’t choose the biggest issue you have in your body. Pick something minor to work on.)

2. Put your attention on the area.

3. Give the discomfort a number from 0 to 10, where 0 is not feeling any discomfort and 10 is feeling extreme discomfort. You may need to poke around the area or move your body around in order to rate the level of discomfort. You can also check range of motion issues. Be gentle with yourself and don’t do anything to further irritate or damage the area.

4. Now, vigorously rub your hands together for a few seconds and shake them off. (I have found that I like to do this 3 times. It just happens to be my preference. Once is enough.)

5. Cup one of your hands about two inches above the area where you feel the discomfort. Use whichever hand best reaches the area you are addressing.

6. Begin to move your hand over the area in a slow, counterclockwise circle.

7. Make about a dozen rotations. As you are doing that notice any sensations that you are experiencing in your hand or in the area of discomfort.

8. Stop the rotations and hold your hand over the area for a few more seconds and then relax.

9. Check the area of discomfort and notice if there is any change. Give the discomfort a 0-10 rating again.

10. Repeat the process if you notice a change, but not complete elimination of the discomfort.

11. You may discover that the pain or discomfort has moved. Once again just repeat the process holding your hand over the new area of discomfort.

12. If you don’t notice any change in yourself, take a break and try it again at another time, or try out the technique on a friend or family member and see if they notice any change. Some people discover it is easier get results working on others rather than on themselves.

Energy is fun to play with. Amp up your curiosity about what is possible and how much power you have to facilitate change in your body. Empower yourself with this process and offer to help others by sending energy into their aches and pains.

Feel free to post your success stories using this technique.