Wednesday, May 31, 2006

EFT Tidbit - What's Your Sign?

What’s Your Sign?

How do you know that EFT is working for you? What physical signs or sensations do you experience that let you know your energy is shifting?

Typical reactions are sighing, yawning and deep breathing. Since EFT helps to relax your energy system, releasing of muscle tension and tightness is often experienced. Energy moving and shifting in your physical body can also give you the sensation of warmth or tingling in certain areas or throughout your body.

Personally, when I am using EFT to address an issue, my eyes water. They are not emotional tears or crying. It just seems to be the way I experience the release and energy shifting process.

If I am tapping on a significant issue that I need more than a few rounds of EFT to address, I also experience stuffed up sinuses. This reaction lets me know that I am in the releasing mode and getting results.

I don’t know if my reaction is typical or unique to my experience with EFT. I have never had a client or colleague mention that they experience watering eyes as a release.

So, what is your sign? Do you have the typical reactions or do you have a unique way of experiencing a shift in your energy system using EFT?

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