Monday, May 29, 2006

EFT Tip - Try It On Everything

Gary Craig, creator of EFT, encourages everyone to try EFT on everything. Too often we forget to use tools we have available. I would also encourage you to try it on everything. Here is an example from my own experience.

Since the warmer weather has arrived, we have windows open which allows us to hear more outside noises. One night as I was settling down to sleep, I could hear the neighbor's dog barking up a storm. The incessant barking quickly became annoying and was preventing me from getting to sleep.

I decided to try surrogate tapping on the dog’s barking. I tapped as if I was the dog and used set up statements like:

Even though I am barking up a storm, I am ready to settle down and go to sleep.
Even though I am lonely, I am ready to relax and go to sleep.
Even though I am afraid, I am OK and I can settle down now.

Low and behold after a few rounds of tapping, the barking stopped. Now granted, I don’t really know if my tapping actually worked, but the barking did stop and my annoyance was relieved.

When you are faced with a challenge or an annoying situation, use EFT to see if you can change the situation or at least address the negative emotions you are experiencing.

Remember to try EFT on everything!

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Anonymous said...

I belive that EFT did work on the dog. I was having minor problems with a cat of mine awhile back & remembered to try the surrogate tapping. Some of the situation & problems seemed to be relieved. Thanks for the post & a reminder that we can help our four legged friends too.