Saturday, July 22, 2006

EFT Success Story - Resisting Guitar Lessons

I received this email from a client who successfully used EFT to address her son's resistance to his guitar lessons. EFT is a wonderful process to teach and use with your kids.

Hi Kathy,

Another EFT use is for music performance!

My son had begged and begged for a guitar and I got him a good one for his birthday and asked him to agree to at least take a "Dozen" lessons.

By lesson 6 he was tired of making slow progress and didn't want to go to guitar practice one day. He whined and complained on the day of this particular lesson and said he was tired of taking guitar at all! His teacher was late and he was happy because he wanted it to be canceled!

I tapped on him and we kind of laughed about the statements of "never wanting to play the guitar again", " even though I don't feel like doing this", etc.

Well, by the end of his practice with his teacher he was excited and said, "Why did you want me to take a dozen lessons and not 2 dozen?" He also made a goal for himself to practice so many times that he would earn a guitar poster he wanted from his teacher! He even went home and practiced right after his lesson!!!

Many Blessings!


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