Saturday, July 01, 2006

EFT Tip - Use Pictures

Gary Craig, creator of EFT, has a Personal Peace Process where he suggests tapping on the most bothersome events from your past. One way to facilitate this process is to get out old pictures of yourself, study the pictures and see if they trigger any uncomfortable memories or emotions.

As you study the pictures notice the emotions you see in your face. Do you look happy and relaxed? Do you see any stress, tension or distress in your face?

Write down what you see, feel or remember when you look at the pictures. Rate the level of emotion you experience. Use EFT to release any uncomfortable or distressing feelings.

Often we forget or gloss over the impact of specific events in our childhood that may still be negatively affecting our current life. Pictures are a great way to revisit your past in order to access events that contain tappable issues.

Try this process out and see if it enhances your EFT sessions and makes them more powerful and effective for addressing past issues. I wish you much success.

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