Friday, August 18, 2006

EFT Masters Boot Camp

I returned this week from the EFT Masters Boot Camp in Denver, Colorado. Four hundred EFT'ers from around the world gathered together for 3 days of fun, laughter, tapping, networking and of course great information about EFT.

Gary Craig, creator of EFT, conducted 5 client sessions displaying the different techniques that every EFT master should have in their tool box...tearless trauma technique, movie technique, tell the story technique, addressing specific events and especially testing, testing testing, to name a few. It still amazes me to watch people transform right before my eyes. It was truly an awesome experience.

Gary Craig also conducted Q&A sessions with the EFT Masters that attended the Boot Camp. They shared information about how they use EFT in their practices and also answered our specific questions.

I met some wonderful colleagues and made connections that will last a lifetime. I will share more about my experience later. Stay tuned.

Kathy Atkinson, EFT-ADV

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