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EFT Success Story - Fear of Heights & So Much More

EFT Success Story - Fear of Heights & So Much More

I had an interesting experience using EFT on myself while on vacation. My husband and I signed up for an excursion called the "Canopy Adventure" which I think they should rename to the “Tarzan Adventure” since we were going to be swinging from tree to tree about 50 to 70 feet off the ground.

I have used EFT successfully for my minor discomfort about being up on a ladder, so I anticipated having no problem addressing any fear of heights that might pop up for myself or any others who joined us on this adventure.

Little did I know, that fear of heights is not the only fear that can manifest when you are 70 feet off the ground and standing on a tiny platform. Here is how the story unfolded…

After a brief orientation and being “geared up” in our harnesses and safety equipment, we moved to the first traverse. I watched several people successfully accomplish the first run with ease. As my turn approached, I felt confident that I could achieve the same success. Unfortunately, my first run was not as successful as I had observed in others because I stopped short of the platform we were suppose to land on. Therefore, I had to turn around and walk myself hand by hand to the platform while my fellow adventurers and guides playfully booed me and gave me the thumbs down signal.

Since I wasn't sure exactly what I had done to stop myself short of the platform I could feel fear starting to mount in me as we move to the second traverse. At the same time, I discovered I don't really like standing on tiny platforms high above the ground and this contributed to my now mounting fear. We had big bulky leather gloves on to protect our hands, but that didn't prevent me from using EFT to address my fear.

I decided since I was in such a heightened state of fear, I didn't really need to use any words, I would just tap on the meridian points and see what happened.

The second run want smoother, but as I was standing on the platform waiting my turn, I was really uncomfortable and feeling close to panic. I continued to tap on the meridian points, trying to breathe, relax and release my fear.

We had until the third run to learn the "ropes" and if we couldn't master the technique, we would not be able to continue with the adventure. Interestingly enough, when I got to the third platform I really couldn't see any way I would have gotten down, so I continued to tap and breath and with each run my fear dissipated. I actually enjoyed the hanging bridge that had no railings and big gaps between the platforms.

Back in our room, I was very curious about what happened to me on our adventure and decided to analyze the experience.

Here are the fears and the emotions I discovered:
· Fear of the unknown - there was a learning curve to master
· Embarrassment for not "doing it right"
· Fear of being judged by the others
· Loss of control
· Fear of falling - we had safety lines but nothing really to hold on to stabilize ourselves (I was nicknamed the “tree hugger”)

Fortunately, I didn’t have to have all of that information when I was in the experience. EFT easily took care of all the fears and emotions in the moment, so I could enjoy my adventure.

As I think back about the experience, thanks to EFT, I am left with the fun memories and not the memories of the fear and panic I first experienced.

So, my advice for anyone experiencing extreme fear or panic, don’t worry about identifying the specific fear or worry about using any specific wording, just keep tapping and breathing. That is all you will need.

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