Sunday, August 27, 2006

EFT Tip - When Is It Time To Seek Help?

When Is It Time To Seek Help?

One of the reason I love EFT so much is because it is such a self-empowering technique. Everyone, including children, can use the process to clear their fears, emotional upsets and limiting beliefs in minutes.

As simple and effective as EFT is to use on yourself, there are times when your issues are too painful, too deep, too intense and/or too uncomfortable for you to address by yourself. I witnessed this first hand at the EFT Master’s Boot Camp in Denver this month. Some of the subjects that Gary Craig worked on at the boot camp were seasoned EFT practitioners that have achieved amazing results with clients. Interestingly, they had worked on their own issues with little or no significant progress.

These subjects had some deep emotional and physical traumas that were too painful or too intense to clear themselves. Gary skillfully guided them through the EFT process while also providing a safe environment in which they could heal comfortably.

It can be difficult to be the facilitator and also the client at the same time. Sometimes it is better just to be the client and have someone else identify the path to take and the specific issues to address. Sometimes it is nice to have that emotional support when addressing your issues. Sometimes it is necessary for your healing to have someone who will listen to your story and hear you fully.

If you are not achieving a significant shift on an issue you have been addressing for a while, it may be time to seek professional help. A person on the outside looking in can often see things you can’t.

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