Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EFT for Money Issues Program

I have a new EFT for Money Issues Program posted on my web site.

When I work with individual clients on their money issues, we typically begin with releasing any resistance they have to getting over their money issues.

I have witnessed over and over again that many people say they want to get over their money issues, but they don't believe they can. They don't always feel safe releasing their money issues and many people don't feel worthy and deserving of thriving financially. Perhaps you feel the same way.

Try out this statement, "I want to thrive financially but...." What comes after that but? What resistance do you feel or hear?

Whatever resistance you have is preventing you from thriving financially or at least slowing you down.

Now you can use the same EFT for Money Issues Program I use with my clients to release your resistance to getting over your money issues.

There are five EFT sessions included in the EFT for Money Issues eBook and on the Audio Recordings. Each EFT session is designed to assist you in beginning to clear your energy blocks and limiting beliefs around money, prosperity and abundance. This program helps you release any negative thoughts and behaviors you have in regard to money, so you can thrive financially.

Check out all the details of this life-changing program here.

I also have created a 28-minute audio recording of Money Affirmations in order to help you shift your money consciousness from the inside out. You receive this as a bonus when you purchase the EFT for Money Issues Audio Program.

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