Friday, November 24, 2006

EFT Tip - Daily Tapping

Daily Tapping

EFT is an amazing process that gets results fast. I personally love the process so much that I have no trouble using EFT on a daily basis. I always have something I need/want to release or something I want to instill…confidence, creativity or feeling bold. EFT has become part of my lifestyle. I just naturally turn to it when I need to shift my energy.

When I first began using EFT, I did have to make a point of using the process on a regular basis until it just became part of my day. If you have trouble incorporating EFT into your daily routine, here are some suggestions.

  • Tap before you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Tap before or after your shower.
  • Tap before or after you brush your teeth.
  • Tap each time you use the rest room.
  • Set a timer and tap at the top of each hour.
  • Tap before each meal.
  • Tap during the commercials on TV.
  • Tap before bed.

After a few days of linking these daily activities to EFT, you should no trouble incorporating this process into your day. You can tap on specific things throughout the day or just tap on the EFT meridian points with the intention of keeping your energy high and your immune system strong.

A client recently shared her EFT reminder solutions. "I had a fun time with some girlfriends last weekend. Ate way too much...arghhh why didn't I apply EFT to keep things in line!! I have now put the letters, EFT, in my luggage, on my frig, microwave, bathroom mirror. My watch beeps on the hour ~~ When I hear the beep, it is my cue to be aware and think EFT."

If you need help with what to tap on or what words to use, visit for plenty of scripts and audio recordings to get you started.

Keep tapping!

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