Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EFT Tip - Using EFT in Public

Clients often ask me how they can use EFT when they are out in public. Since it is not a common occurrence to see people walking around tapping on the bodies, I can understand why clients would not be comfortable doing this.

Here are a few suggestions:

First, it is very common for people to be touching their bodies, so you can use the Touch & Breath Technique. Instead of tapping on the various meridian points, just touch or rub each point and take in a deep breath. Slowly move from point to point at a speed that does not attract attention.

Next, you can just imagine the tapping points. Once you are familiar with the EFT tapping points, you can activate the energy shifting process automatically in your mind.

If you need to make a significant shift in your energy system, excuse yourself and find a private place to do a couple rounds of tapping. Bathroom stalls are a great place for this and it is easy to excuse yourself for this purpose.

Finally, go ahead and tap in public. If anyone asks, just inform them that you have discovered a way to relax yourself by tapping on some Major Stress Relief Points on your body.

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