Friday, December 29, 2006

What Do You Do When Your Energy is Drained?

What do you do when your energy is drained? Do you keep going and going until you collapse or explode at someone?

By Christmas morning, I was feeling the stress of the holiday season. I was out of my usual routine. I was not taking time to exercise, meditate or use EFT on a regular basis, so my energy system was slowly being depleted by all the activities and interactions that come with the holiday season.

By 10 AM Christmas morning, I could tell that if I did not stop and take time to recharge my battery, I was not going to be able to enjoy the day with family and friends. I stopped what I was doing, put on my coat and hat, grabbed the dog and I headed outside for some fresh air and a brisk walk. While I was walking, I did some EFT with the intention of energizing my body and mind, thus giving myself a chance to come back into balance and harmony.

After about 20 minutes of being out in nature, moving my body and getting my energy flowing with EFT, I was feeling like my cheery self again. The rest of the day went smoothly and I truly enjoyed all the holiday hoopla. I know that would not have been the case if I had not stopped and taken the time to re-energize myself.

So, what do you do when you recognize that you are depleted and in need of an energy boost? Do you stop and take time to recharge your battery? What do you routinely do to keep yourself in balance?

EFT is the quickest and easiest way to release the tension and stress that drains our energy systems. The technique can also be use to energize your body and your mind when you need it most.

I have an EFT for Energy script and audio download on my web site EFT that is great for shifting your energy fast.

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