Wednesday, March 28, 2007

EFT for Physical Issues

EFT for Physical Problems

There are many ways to address physical pain, discomfort and dis-ease with EFT. Obviously, you can just begin with the issue and tap on it directly. If that doesn’t seem to work, here are some questions to help you go in some different “doors” and address your physical problems from different angles.

As you tune into the pain, discomfort, problem or dis-ease, ask yourself:

What does this pain, discomfort or dis-ease look like?

How does this part of me feel?

What is the size, shape and color of this discomfort?

What does this remind me of?

Who does this remind me of?

What is the emotion attached to this dis-ease? Irritation, annoyance, irritability, sadness, hurt?

If this part of me had a message for me, what would it be?

Use EFT to address any information that you uncover and see if that is enough to help you shift your energy and eliminate or reduce your physical problem.

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