Sunday, April 29, 2007

EFT Tip ~ How Many Taps - How Hard to Tap

Occasionally, I am asked about how many taps a person should be making on each EFT point. I typically don't worry too much about this and just go with what feels right. I also tap on a point as long as it takes to repeat the reminder statement. In the EFT Manual by Gary Craig, tapping at least 7 times on each point is suggested.

People also ask how hard to tap. As a general rule, you want to be tapping with enough pressure to stimulate the point and be sending a strong vibration, but not so hard as to be painful.

Sometimes the points will be painful or uncomfortable to tap. This can be due to the energy being block or disrupted in that particular meridian. It can be due to a sore muscle. It can also be due to a congested lymph gland in the area. When this occurs, keep tapping that meridian point, but lighten up a little bit on how hard you are tapping or switch to massaging the meridian point in a circular motion instead of tapping and see if you can work out the disruption.

EFT is a very forgiving process. Use your best judgment and experiment with different finger pressure and the number of taps. The best advice I can give is to just use the process and trust yourself to find a rhythm and a flow to your EFT sessions.

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