Friday, June 15, 2007

Energy Wands - See how you are flowing your energy

Energy Wands by Kathy Atkinson

See How You Are Flowing Your Energy!

Our bodies are surrounded by an energy field of electromagnetic bands. Depending on how we are feeling from moment to moment, these bands expand or constrict.

Since our energy field is magnetic, when we feel down, negative or unhappy we tend to attract more of the same. When we feel positive, excited or joyful we tend to attract more of those kinds experiences.

Energy wands are a simple, yet effective way to see how your energy is flowing.

How to make energy wands:

Get two wire coat hangers and cut an “L” out of each one, about 12 inches long for the main part and about 5 inches for the handle.

Cut a plastic straw to fit the handle so that it swings easily.

Once the straw is in place bend the bottom of the handle up to hold the straw in place.

To protect yourself from the sharp ends, dip the tips of the hangers in candle wax several time to coat the ends. Be sure to supervise any use of the wands by children.

How to use the energy wands:

Hold the wands loosely out in front of your chest about 10 inches apart and 10 inches from your body.

With your eyes straight ahead, recall with feeling a sad or unpleasant event from your past. Depending on the intensity of your emotion, the wands will stay straight ahead or will point inward, tip to tip.

Now, focus on something wonderful, loving or joyous that you have experienced. Watch as the wands now expand outward as your energy field expands in response to your positive energy flow.

Suggested uses:

Hold them when you are talking on the phone to see if you are in a positive or negative frame of mind.

Use them when you are repeating affirmations.

Use them before you go to bed, to make sure you are open to experience a restful night’s sleep.

Use them before and after an EFT session to see how your energy has shifted.

Give them to your negative friends, so they can see how they are flowing their energy.

By paying attention to how you are flowing your energy, you can attract more rendezvous with positive people and situations.

Energy wand information is adapted from “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.

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