Thursday, August 30, 2007

EFT Tip - Does EFT Work Without the Tapping?

Recently my cousin contacted me about using EFT for her husband's cigarette cravings. I thought EFT might be out of his comfort zone, but I sent the EFT Session for Cigarette Cravings for him to try out.

I waited about a week and emailed my cousin to see if her husband had used the EFT session or if it was too weird for him.

Here is her reply:

Hi Kathy,

Yes, he thought it was goofy at first, but says he listens to the CD in his car, but doesn't do the movements and it still helps relax him enough to forget about wanting his smoke break.

Thanks a Million!

So, is it necessary to do the actual tapping on the EFT Meridian Points? Apparently not.

I frequently just imagine the tapping points if I am in bed working on an issue and achieve success.

Try imagining the tapping points or just listening to an EFT recorded session and see if you achieve an energy shift.

Post your experiences or questions.


Linda Storey said...

Thanks for sharing this great tip Kathy. I have successfully used EFT without tapping many, many times. Once I was impatiently standing in a long lineup at the bank and made the decision to feel more relaxed because I might be there for 5 minutes or longer.

I found a spot high up on a wall, focused on it and imagined tapping the EFT points. Within seconds I was taking a deep breath and feeling calm.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with "business anxiety" running through my veins. Mentally reviewing my to-do list is usually what causes it so once again I imagine that I'm tapping on the points and by the time my feet hit the floor my spirit has lifted and I'm ready to get on with my day.

I love having EFT in my personal and business toolbox!

Auriol said...

It's interesting to read that for some people EFT can work without the actual tapping. EFT (with tapping) has been my saviour; I used it to overcome my agoraphobia and it has been the ONLY think that has helped me in almost 40 years. I had tried everything - and this is not an exaggeration, I do mean everything - over the years but nothing worked. EFT worked straight away and two years later I am still phobia-free.

Why this technique isn't more widely known I don't know; IMO all doctors should be trained in its use. It's certainly been more more effective than medication or relaxation techniques for my agoraphobia and since it's easy to learn and do and free from side effects it's totally safe. Good luck to anyone who decides to try it; I hope it helps you all.