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EFT for Revving Up Your Metabolism

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which our bodies turn calories from the food we eat into energy. Age, exercise, diet/dieting and genetics affect how proficient our bodies are at burning calories. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn.

Gary Craig, creator of EFT, says “try EFT on everything”, so I thought I would share this EFT script for Revving Up Metabolism that I created for a client. Typically, when I work with clients on specific emotional issues, it is easy to tell when there is a shift. Most issues related to the physical body (diabetes, hypertension, immune disorders, hormone imbalances, etc.) are more difficult to tell if/when a shift occurs.

I thought it would be fun to share this EFT script, let you experiment with it and see if you notice any physical changes or shifts in your energy. The first time I used this sequence before my daily run, I felt more comfortable running and ran longer than usual. Was that change due to the EFT tapping? Who knows for sure, but I would love to hear your feedback if you use this EFT sequence to rev up your metabolism. Post your feedback on the blog.

Feel free to change the wording of this script to make it more personal and appropriate for you.

If you need a visual of the EFT meridian points, visit

Use this script daily for a week or two.

EFT for Revving Up Metabolism

Before you begin the EFT sequence, set a clear intention to rev up your metabolism.
State aloud:
I intend to rev up my metabolism today. I intend to increase my capacity to burn calories in a way that feels easy and natural to me.

Karate chop:

Even though my metabolism is too slow to burn up all the calories that I take in, I intend to increase my metabolism today.

Even though my metabolism is sluggish, I intend to rev it up and have it fully functioning at 100% for me.

Even though my metabolism is slower than I would like, I am ready to rev it up and burn more calories.

My metabolism is too slow.

Outside eye:
My metabolism is too sluggish.

Under eye:
My body is conserving energy.

Under nose:
I am ready to rev up my metabolism today.

I am ready to burn up more calories.

I am ready to have my metabolism fully functioning at 100% for me.

Under arm
: I allow my metabolism to rev up and burn more calories.

Top of head:
I allow my metabolism to rev up and give me more energy.

Stop tapping, take a deep breath in and release it out.

Use any or all of these affirmations.
Tap one round of EFT using the same affirmation at each meridian point or mix them up. Feel free to make up your own affirmations.

My metabolism is revving up.

I am ready for more energy.

I feel more energy flowing through my body now.

I see all my systems, organs and tissues revving up and becoming fully functioning at 100% for me.

I love being a lean, mean, revved up metabolism machine.

It feels good to have more energy flowing through my body.

My metabolism is revving up now.

It feels good to have my metabolism revved up and fully functioning for me.

Printer friendly 1-page PDF file.


If you want to accelerate the affects of EFT, adopt these physical action steps.

  • Eat breakfast.
  • Eat hot meals rather than cold. Your metabolism speeds up very slightly when you eat and again if the food is hot.
  • Do at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise, five days a week. This will condition your body to burn fat more efficiently.
  • Eat high-quality carbohydrates (whole grains such as oats and brown rice). No matter what you have read, you need carbs for energy and typically feel terrible without moderate amounts of them.
  • Make sure you take 1,000 steps every day. Get a pedometer and monitor your activity.
  • If you have a sit-down job, get up every hour and walk around for at least five minutes.
  • Dedicate two hours a week to weight training.

Here are a couple tips that Tecca from Ohio shared with me after this article went out in my newsletter.... "Other tips that you may add- is in order to increase metabolism EAT! Dieting or cutting too many calories causes the body to reserve energy and fat and and also slows the metabolism. So eating more smaller meals (5- 6) in a day actually helps to regulate and increase health metabolism."

Be sure to post your tips, feedback or success stories.

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Marce said...


This is an excellent post. I have been using it frequently. I am a newcomer to EFT and although I feel the effects a subtle for me they are nonetheless there.