Friday, November 30, 2007

Why Are Different Meridian Points Used?

I received an email question about why the EFT meridian points I use are different from Gary Craig's original protocol. I thought it would be beneficial to share my response on the blog. (You can see a picture of the EFT points I use with clients and in my EFT downloadable sessions here.)

Gary Craig originally used 14 meridian points and has them listed in his EFT manual (a free download). As Gary gained experience with EFT, he experimented with eliminating some of the points and still got great results. As time went on, he began to regularly use his "shortcut" version of 8 meridian points.

Here is my understanding of why some of the points were dropped. Gary eliminated the liver point under the breast because it was socially uncomfortable for women to tap this point. He discovered that eliminating this point didn't make much difference in his success.

The finger points were dropped because individuals are tapping with their fingertips on the other points, so they are automatically being stimulated. Once again, it didn't make much difference in the success of a session.

The top of the head point is a new point that has been widely used by EFT practitioners since Michael Gandy, an acupuncturist, did a presentation on Gary's Ultimate Therapist's series. Just about every practitioner I know, including Gary, is now using this point. I like to use the top of the head point at the end of an EFT sequence, but several people start with this point. Just personal preference.

At the EFT Master Showcase in Boston this year, many of the practitioners used the same points as I do and others used some different points....wrist, heart center. I read a recent article by EFT Master, Lindsay Kennedy where she shared that she uses more of the original points because she gets better results.

In reality, there are meridian points all over the body. Gary settled on the EFT points he uses because they are easy to access and easy to remember, and they get results. They are certainly not the only points that will work.

Experiement with yourself and see if you discover any points that work better for you.

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