Saturday, December 29, 2007

Law of Attraction - EFT Telegathering - Personal Goals

Law of Attraction - EFT Telegathering

Topic: Live With No Regrets

Is this the year you start living with no regrets? Is this the year you are ready to focus on what is really important for you to experience in this lifetime?

This Law of Attraction - EFT Telegathering is the first of a series of teleclasses focused on helping you to clearly identify what you need to experience in order to get to the end of your life having no regrets.

During each of the telegatherings we will be using the Goal Questions on my web site at We will work through the 13 different areas I have identified.This first session focuses on the Personal Goals you have for yourself.

Here are the questions from my web site:

What do you want to be, do and have?
What emotions would you like to experience more often?
What traits would you like to adopt?
What contributions do you want to make?
What personal comforts would you like to have? massages, maid?
How would you like to simplify your life?
How much personal time would you like to have each day?

After we identify what is important for you to experience, we use EFT to release any resistance (fears, doubts, or limiting beliefs) you have to achieving your personal goals.

If this is the year you are ready to live with no regrets, I invite you to listen to this telegathering.

Replay Fee: No Cost

Duration: 58 minutes

Listen to the call

Here are the affirmations we used during the EFT session:

Eyebrow: If I can imagine it, it is possible for me.

Outside eye: Everything I desire is achievable.

Under eye: I know what I want and I am ready for it to manifest.

Under nose: The personal goals I have are attainable.

Chin: I believe in myself 100%.

Collarbone: I deserve to be, do or have anything that is important to me.

Under arm: I give myself full permission to realize my personal goals.

Top of head: I intend to live my life with no regrets.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so much for sending the replay link for last night's telegathering and for the written affirmations. I was on the call and found it to be a very powerful experience for me and I have lots of ideas now on how to focus in on a couple of areas which are important for me in 2008.

You have a great presence and knack for leading such a telegathering and such a lovely voice to listen to. A wonderful experience all around.

Kindest regards,

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