Friday, January 04, 2008

Manifesting Mentors ~ Law of Attraction - the easy way!

Manifesting Mentors

I am so privileged to announce that the Law of Attraction eBook I was asked to contribute to is finally available.

Are You Trying To Use The Law Of Attraction, Deliberate Manifestation, Conscious Creation, Or Quantum Physics To Attract Your Desires...Only To Have Limited Or NO Results?

There is definitely a learning curve to all of this manifestation business!

Tom Murasso, author of Born to Manifest, invited the finest “Manifestation Mentors” to help him put together an instruction manual to help with the manifestation learning curve and speed up what usually takes years of practice and time.

You’ve heard that two heads are better than one.

Well, 10 heads can create magic!

Carol Look - LCSW, DCH, EFT Master
Jack Canfield - America's Success Coach, Star of the Secret
Dov Baron - Leadership Specialist
Eva Gregory - CPCC, Author, Coach
Kathy Atkinson - EFT Practitioner & Life Coach
Ilya Alexi - Self-Help Author
Heather Vale - Radio Personality, Author
Leslie Fieger - Meme Therapist & Wealth Mentor
David Cameron - Wealth Specialist, Author
Tom Murasso - Certified Hypnotherapist, Author

These people are MASTERS in the Art of Conscious Creation. They have trained their minds to create their reality and teach you EXACTLY how to do the same thing!

Now, in one instantly downloadable book, all of the puzzle pieces to using the Law of Attraction to your advantage have been assembled to accelerate your learning and HELP YOU climb that manifestation mountain!

It's really simple! If you want to be successful, learn from the people that ARE successful. If you want to manifest great things in your life, learn from the very people that are manifesting great things in their lives everyday!

There are 28 chapters and over 120 pages in the book. Personally, I share six of my favorite success tips (plus one bonus tip) to help you activate the Law of Attraction in your favor.

And, how about the 7 Free eBooks and the Subconscious Creating audio? Talk about an incredible value!

Get your copy of Manifesting Mentors today!

You deserve this,
Kathy Atkinson

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