Saturday, February 09, 2008

Success Story - EFT for Test Anxiety

A few months ago I worked with a college student on her test anxiety. We used EFT to clear her anxiety, fears and doubts. Here is an update from her mother.


Just an update.

You worked with Jacquie several months back when she was nervous about taking her GRE. She was crazy nervous because she wanted to get high scores so that she would be able to get into Veterinary School.

Well, Jacquie got a telephone call this past Tuesday saying she was accepted into Ohio State's Veterinary Medicine program!

Thanks for all your help!

Karen (Jacquie's mom)

I have two EFT sessions for Test Anxiety on my web site.

EFT for Test Anxiety - General Fear & Nervousness

EFT for Test Anxiety - Physical Symptoms

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