Friday, May 30, 2008

EFT Success Story - I lost almost 50 pounds!

EFT Success Story - Lost almost 50 pounds!

Recently, I received this success story from an EFT customer. Sometimes it takes patience and persistence to address an issue and then sometimes...

Well here is some good news for you that is directly attributed to the products that I purchased from the EFT downloads site last year.

I have lost almost 50 lbs!!!!!

I tapped for my food addictions and some other weight related issues while I was at the (EFT) level 1 and 2 training that I went to last year, but I used your magnificent Resistance to Exercise script to get me going and keep me focused and motivated in the gym.

I did the tapping script just a couple of times and what I noticed is that I developed a continuous and steady momentum. It wasn't like I wanted to run out and go to the gym it was much more subtle and it lasted for over a year. Since I reached my goalweight.. I think I need to tap again and make some adjustments with words, but it was your script that got me going!

Thanks, Tecca from Ohio

If you are ready to get into shape this summer, check out the EFT script and audio recording for Exercise Resistance

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