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Try EFT on Everything - Balance Your Energy with Money

Try EFT on Everything - Balance Your Energy with Money

Since everything is energy, we need to recognize that we have an energetic response to every person, place, situation and item we encounter. Not sure that is true?

Consider these questions.
  • Haven't you looked at a person and known exactly what they are thinking or feeling?
  • Haven't you walked into a room and felt tension in the air?
  • Haven't you felt sluggish after eating a certain food or after being in a particular environment?
  • Haven't you ever wondered why some people can take a certain medication and get better and others take the same medication and have no response or even worse have an allergic reaction?
  • Haven't you ever wondered why you never wear some of the clothing hanging in your closet?
You are responding on an energetic level, at all times, whether you recognize it as that or not. If you are an energetic match to the people, places and items in your life, you feel wonderful. When your energy system is not balanced with particular people, places or items, you feel off, irritated, agitated, angry or physically drained, just to name a few. EFT is a very powerful process for shifting energetic imbalances.

Since most people can use more money, let's discuss some unusual ways to use EFT to balance your energy with money. If you live in a country that uses coins as a means of monetary exchange, gather together the different denominations of coins. Take the lowest denomination coin, hold it in your hand and see if you detect any uneasiness or negative self-talk as you gaze at the coin. Ask yourself, "how do I feel about this coin?"

If you are familiar with kinesiology, muscle testing or energy testing, you can use this method to check if you are an energetic match or mismatch. (I use a simple O-ring test. Read the directions at the end of this article.) If you do not know how to energetically check this way, trust your intuitive feedback or just assume you are a mismatch and use EFT to balance your energy system.

Here is the process:

Hold the coin in one hand, and tap on the EFT meridian points with the other hand. On each point tap and say, "I balance my energy with this coin."

As you are tapping on the different points, notice if you feel your energy shifting. If you don't notice anything, that is fine. Go through as many rounds of tapping as feels necessary for you or until you energetically test strong. One to three tapping sequences should create the shift.

When you are ready, move to the next coin and repeat the same process. Continue on until you have balanced your energy system with all the coins individually and then go through a few rounds of tapping while holding all the coins in your hand.

Next, gather the different denominations of paper money together and go through the same process. We have only addressed two forms of money and you can already see how many different energetic mismatches you can have. In the states, we have six common coins and six paper denominations.

Money is represented in many other forms that can cause energetic disruptions. Gather the following items together and use EFT to correct any energetic imbalances you might have with them.
  • Checkbook - Checks - Statement
  • Debit cards - Credit cards - treat separately and as a group
  • Bills - treat separately
  • Receipts
  • Investments - treat each investment separately and as a group
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
Balance your energy with any other items that represent money in your life. After you have finished this process, be on the alert and notice any shifts that take place in your physical reality related to the money in your life.

How to Energy Check Using Kinesiology

Form an O-ring or circle by bringing your thumb and index finger of one hand together. Insert the index finger on your other hand into the circle and try to pull through the connection where your index finger and thumb come together. If your energy system is strong, you should not be able to break through this connection easily. If your energy system is weaken when you give your attention to a particular person, place or item, you should be able to easily break through the connection.

It takes some practice with this process in order to trust the results that you are getting. It is easier just to assume that you may have an energy block or energy drain and use EFT to correct the imbalance and strengthen your energy system.

Post any questions, comments or success stories you have using the suggestions for balancing your energy with money.

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