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Who and What Do You Resonate With?

Who and What Do You Resonate With?

I recently received this email from an EFT downloads customer.

Wow! Kathy!

I have been doing EFT here and there for about 4 years now - and I have never felt shifts like I have experienced with just one 'listen' of your audios!

Is it possible that a person can feel more of a shift with a certain issue by listening to one person vs. another?

You are the solution I have been looking for forever! Thank you!

You are the best!!!!
Raleigh :)

I decided it would be beneficial to discuss Raliegh's question.

Is it possible that a person can feel more of a shift with a certain issue by listening to one person vs. another?

The short answer is Yes, Absolutely. Over the years, I have worked with many energy shifting practitioners. I resonated with many, but some I didn't. It doesn't mean that the ones I didn't feel a connection with were not great practitioners, it just means for me that our energies didn't match up as well as it does with others.
Who Do You Resonate With?

You can resonate with a person voice, their pace of talking, the words they use or their overall personality. I always begin a coaching relationship by first having a conversation with the potential client. I want to know if we are a good match to work together. I once talked with someone who described their situation and then announced they would be quiet so "I could work my magic". Definitely not my ideal client. I am not in this business to fix anyone or "work magic". I don't resonate with that type of client.
Methods of Delivery

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you probable have heard of Ester Hicks who channels Abraham. I love their audio presentations. I have been exposed to many Law of Attraction teachers over the years that have shared similar information, but I really resonate with Abraham's message. Personally, I prefer the audio's. I have several of the books Esther and Jerry Hicks have written, but I have barely opened them. So, besides resonating with a person, you also resonate with different methods of delivery.
I heard from someone just beginning to explore EFT and I directed her to my free Stress Relief download to try out. She wrote back and said, "since I am a 'visual' person, I found a bunch of info on YouTube and followed along w/one of those." This person preferred to see someone demonstrating EFT rather than just listening to an audio recording or reading the written script. There is no right or wrong in that, just a different preference and a different learning style.

Learning Styles

I used to love to attend live workshops and experience the energy of being with a group of like-minded people and experience the energy of the speaker first-hand. Now, if I have the option of purchasing the videos of the workshop, I go that route. I find it distracting to be in a room of people who are moving around, coughing and whispering. If I have the video's, I can watch them in the privacy of my home and go over the material several times if there is something that I really want to absorb.
Carol Tuttle put together an Energy Healing Conference last November and she offered the option to attend the live event or pre-purchase the videos. I chose to get the video's and have been enjoying them throughout the winter. They offered so much information that one viewing just isn't enough. If I had attended the live workshop, I am sure I would have been on overload and missed a lot of the information. (By the way, I highly recommend this workshop. Lots of great material, presented by great energy practitioners...Carol Tuttle, Carol Look, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, etc. Check it out here.)

Everyone has a different energy and a different vibration. You owe it to yourself to find people that you resonate with and find material that speaks to you. You need to recognize how you best learn information. Do you like to hear the message, read the message or view the message? Do you prefer to have face-to-face meetings? Are you comfortable talking and learning over the phone? Do you prefer to learn in a group setting or have personal attention?

Action Challenge

Make a list of the most enjoyable experiences you have had related to working with people. Were the experiences in person or at a distance? Did you prefer groups or one-on-one interaction?

Make a list of the material you have learned over the years. How did you learn that material?Was it hands-on? Was it through a book, audio or a visual?

In the future, choose people and experiences based on your energy and vibration, and your learning style. Don't waste time, energy and money on material that was recommended to you that you don't resonate with.

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