Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top Health Blogger Award -

Recently, I was invited by Dr. Geoff Rutledge to become a featured blogger in the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Community on the new Wellsphere site. (Dr. Rutledge has created a network of over 1400 leading health and healthy living bloggers.)

I also received a Top Health Blogger Award.

Here is the note I received:

Congratulations! Based on our review of your EFT blog, Wellsphere has awarded you the Top Health Blogger status to recognize your contribution to helping people live healthier lives.

Check out my listing:

Wellsphere's has a new YES, WE CARE! Campaign honoring the everyday heroes on their site, who put themselves on the front lines in the quest for a healthier, happier world by spending their time and putting their hearts and souls into helping others in need.

Watch the Yes We Care! video - highlighting some of the wonderful people that share their expertise on (My snippet comes up about 6:06.)

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Michele Price said...

Congratulations Kathy a well deserved reward. I look forward to seeing your next accomplishment.

Michele Price
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