Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clearing Clutter with EFT

Clearing Clutter with EFT

6 MP3 Audio Recordings + 148 page PDF Transcript - Download

Whether you have clutter filling your home, office, mind or social life, you will enjoy listening to these audios and tapping along with the transcripts to clear the clutter in your life.

This incredibly thorough audio series and 148 pages of transcripts are authored by EFT Master Carol Look and Emotional Freedom Coach Rick Wilkes. They address the topic of clutter from every possible angle—emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual.

Listening and tapping along will change the way you deal with any kind of clutter and help release the reasons you have this challenge.

Cluttered mind? - Tap away the reasons you can’t stay present to your life.

Cluttered home? - Tap for trying to “fill” the void left by a feeling of lack in your life.

Cluttered relationships? - Tap with us to let go of those relationships that are no longer a vibrational match with your energy.

Cluttered office? - Delve into the deep emotional reasons you feel compelled to “hold onto” your “stuff.”

Cluttered life blocking your abundance? - Tap yourself free of the clutter and allow your life to unfold the way you wish.

Enjoy over 5 hours of discussion, theory, and tap along files for you to listen to over and over again while you make use of the 148 pages of transcripts for easy reference.

Enjoy being Clutter Free with EFT!

All 6 MP3 Recordings and 148-page PDF Transcript for only $47

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