Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EFT Tapping Song by Steve Manire, D.C.

My EFT friend Nancy Gnecco sent me a copy of this song and I wanted to share it.

Energy Psychology Song
Arkansas state representative, Steve Manire, D.C. delighted the Regional Coordinators at their January meeting with the following song that he re-wrote.

"Tap" - sung to the tune of Charlie Chaplin's song "Smile".

Tap when your heart is aching,
Tap 'til your story's breaking,
'Til there's no charge to the lies
You've lived by.
You can tap out your fears and sorrows,
Tap and before tomorrow,
You'll feel your light come shining through.
It's true!

Light up your face with gladness.
Erase every trace of sadness.
You'll find the tears leave your heart
Feeling clear.
Look inside and just keep exploring.
Tap! Spread your wings, start soaring!
You'll find your life is so worthwhile.
So, tap and smile.

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Helga said...

Hi Kathy

I really like the lyrics, ofcourse the song is beautiful and helps, but it is a nice idea to sing about tapping. I use tapping a lot myself and it always amazes me how well it works!