Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Your Intention

What’s Your Intention?
By Kathy Atkinson

Do you decide on a daily basis, or even better, on a moment-by-moment basis, what you want to experience? Or, do you just let life happen to you and hope for the best?

Too many people are just letting life happen and then complaining about the results that they receive. Setting intentions at the beginning of your day helps you get clear and focused about what you want to experience.

Your list of intentions goes beyond a to-do list (which is also good to have). Your intentions are about what you want to experience and how you want to show up that day. It's about setting the tone for the kind of day you want to unfold.

Rather than going into a detailed explanation about how to set intentions, I have included my list of intentions that I set for myself on a daily basis. I have also included some examples of specific intentions I set for the activities that vary from day-to-day and moment-to-moment.

Here is my list of daily intentions:

I intend to have fun today. (My number one - main intention for every single day)
I intend to laugh out loud and make others laugh out loud.
I intend to be acknowledged and appreciated and I intend to find others to acknowledge and appreciate today.
I intend to value and respect myself today. I intend have others value and respect me. I intend to value and respect others today.
I intend to be open to giving and receiving today. Giving and receiving love, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, and gratitude.

If I am giving a talk or a presentation:

I intend to show up confident, self-assured, clear, focused, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, vibrant, memorable, impressive, dazzling, etc.

If I am spending the day writing:

I intend to be creative and brilliant today.
I intend to be open and receptive to receiving the right and perfect words that are inspiring, uplifting, and transforming.

If I am doing something out of my comfort zone:

I intend to be fearless today.
I intend to be bold.
I intend to step forward with confidence.

If I am going out to eat:

I intend to be seated at a table that is comfortable and has a wonderful view.
I intend to be served by the best (meaning knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant, lighthearted, and fun) waiter or waitress in the restaurant.
I intend to enjoy a delicious meal.

Before going to bed, I review my day and write down all of the intentions that manifested. It is important to notice the results and the successes that you are manifesting.

Action Challenge

Don't let another day go by without setting clear and focused intentions.
Take charge of your life and decide upfront the kind of day it you expect to have.
Treat this as a fun activity that helps set the tone for your day.
Keep track of how your intentions are manifesting.

If some of your intentions aren't manifesting, see if you can get even clearer and more focused about what you want to experience. Notice if you have any resistance to your intentions that is preventing them manifesting. (EFT is perfect for releasing the resistance.)

You are the creator of your reality. Activate the Law of Attraction in your favor by deciding what you want to experience.

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