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WHEE - Whole Health - Easily and Effectively

I have been reading Dawson Church's book The Genie in Your Genes and he mentioned something very exciting... Gary Craig's Free EFT manual has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times! He also mentioned another energy shifting process created by Daniel J Benor called WHEE (Whole Health - Easily and Effectively)

Dr. Benor calls his technique a Wholistic Hybrid derived from EFT and EMDR. I am always looking for quick and effective energy shifting processes, and this looks like it fits into that category. I haven't had a chance to try out this technique very often yet, but it looks like it would be really effective when out in public. Please post any success stories you have using this process.

WHEE - Whole Health - Easily and Effectively

Here are some highlights about the WHEE process that I extracted and edited from an article on Dr. Benor's web site. For more information visit the web site.

WHEE has been hugely successful for several reasons.

- WHEE takes a fraction of the time that EFT and other Meridian Based Techniques require.

- WHEE allows for much greater flexibility in working on target problems within a session because it is so rapid.

- WHEE is gentle and does not cause intense emotional releases, although it does thoroughly and permanently clear the emotions associated with old hurts.

- WHEE is better accepted and the compliance outside the therapy room is much higher because of this simplicity.

- WHEE works marvelously well and rapidly on problems that may have been present for a long time and may not have responded to other therapies, such as pains, cravings and allergies, though it may take several days to be effective for the latter.

- WHEE is tremendously empowering, as it is so simple and so rapidly effective in self-healing.


The practice of WHEE involves three steps:

1. Identifying a feeling or thought we would like to change

We focus on a single incident that has left a negative residue of feeling. We assess how strong this is, on a scale from '0' = This doesn't bother me at all, to '10' = This is the worst I could possibly feel. This is called the SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale).

2. Alternating stimulating the right and left side of the body

This can be done...
by moving the eyes rhythmically, repeatedly, back and forth from right to left and back;
by alternately tapping the right and left eyebrow at the point nearest the nose;
by patting the biceps of each arm (a butterfly hug);
or, by any other rhythmic, right and left stimulation.

3. While tapping or patting the body, we recite an affirmation

'Even though I have this [thing I'm afraid of; bad feeling; hurt; pain; anger; etc.] I still love myself a lot.' If comfortable with this, we can add a further strong positive statement, 'and God loves and accepts me.'

A generic affirmation adapted from EFT: "Even though I have this [anxiety, panic, fear, etc. - be specific when filling in the blank], I wholly and completely love and accept myself, and God loves and accepts me wholly and completely and unconditionally. If any of this does not feel comfortable, we use whatever strong positive statement suits us best at the time we need it.

Fine-tuning the process

Most people will find that this is an effective way of reducing the negative feelings and thoughts. After tapping for a few minutes, we check the SUDS again. It will usually go down. We repeat the assessing and tapping until it is zero.

Next, we can build up a positive affirmation to replace the negative, by stating the positive statement as we tap; followed by the same strong positive part of the affirmation ('I love and accept, etc.').

If the numbers don't shift after we tap, we can give ourselves a gentle massage on the releasing spot, located just below the collar bone at its midpoint. No affirmation is needed here. Then we return to tapping.

Teenagers would often refuse to use any of these tapping approaches outside of the therapy room. Their typical comment was, "Sure, Dad! Like I'm going to tap my forehead or pat my arms in front of my friends! They'll think I'm some sort of nut case!" I speculated to myself that if they alternated tapping with their tongue on their teeth on the left and then on the teeth on the right this should work just as well, and found that indeed it does. This has been received much better by those who are shy or uncomfortable with tapping in public.

Holding our free hand over our heart center (heart chakra) while we tap or touch our eyebrow points deepens the effects. A deep breath following the affirmation also facilitates releases.

Try out this simplified energy shifting and rebalancing technique and post a note to let me know how it works for you. I will definitely be experimenting with it myself.

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Puja Kanth said...

Great information on WHEE. Thx!

It can be added in the EFT protocol. However, 9 Gamut procedure in EFT already incorporates the EMDR. Rotating eyes, closing, humming etc while tuning in to the problem relocates the traumatic memory (forms new neural pathways in the brain) and reduces the intensity.