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Music as a Science? It's True! by Mark Romero

Over the past year, I have been attracting a lot of information about the positive benefits of certain types of music. A few months ago, I was introduced to Mark Romero and his music on a teleconference. I was so impressed with Mark that I purchased several of his CD's and have really been enjoying them.

Recently, I had a personal conversation with Mark and expressed how much I loved his music. During our conversation, I asked Mark if I could share one of his articles and he said, "Absolutely!". The article I wanted to share includes an exercise testing your energy system's response to music.

Mark also gave me permission to share a teleconference recording that he conducted with his wife, Dr. Lara. You get a chance to hear their story and listen to some of the songs and a guided imagery that they have produced. Listen to the recording now.

Music as a Science? It's True!
By Mark Romero

Music is a healing modality - and just because more people don't know it, doesn't mean it isn't true! Can you imagine healing areas of your life and creating vast improvements in problem areas by simply listening to music?

Let's explore what it all means and how it works.

According to scientists our bodies are made of energy. Energy is within us and all around us in the universe. We talk about environmental pollution all the time but one source of pollution that isn't getting much attention is the energy pollution we are creating with all our new technologies. We have filled the energy space in the universe with radio waves, microwaves, cell phones, computers and artificial light. All of these electronics produce electro magnetic fields known as EMFs.

Studies have shown that EMFs are linked to cancer and various other diseases. They weaken us - mentally and physically.

In depth muscle testing has been run on people exposed to these EMFs and it shows that their energy weakens with continued exposure. However, if music is played while they are being exposed to EMFs their energy strengthens.

The music is able to not only balance out the negative energies but actually strengthen people. Let me explain... The EMFs actually interrupt the energy in our body resulting in this weakened stated, but the music creates a vibration that actually shields the body, in other words makes the energy interrupters null and void.

Through muscle testing scientists are able to demonstrate the impact of the music.

Muscle testing may sound foreign to you, but it is really a simple concept. It is used to test the muscle response to stimulus. Scientists have demonstrated that muscles respond to both physical and mental stimuli. Your mind/body connection has such a powerful survival mechanism that your muscles react instantly to what is good for and what is not good for you. So what is good for you strengthens you and what is bad for you causes the weakened state.

It's really easy to test this yourself, just follow these instructions:

Stand on one foot with both arms out to the side, and someone else tries to push down on your arm and knock you off balance. In order to create your baseline you need to do this without music. Then you turn the music on and do the same thing. Tests have shown that people are stronger and it is much harder to knock people off balance while they are being exposed to the music.

Now imagine all the different possibilities for music that does all this? When you are dealing with stressful situations you could listen to the music to build strength. This musical healing and strengthening can literally be used anywhere from your home to hospitals, the workplace, schools, wellness centers. Imagine the benefits in places like shopping malls or airports - where people are often running around stressed and agitated. Imagine what balancing our energies could do.

Music has long been a part of every day life and now it can be part of a healing and transformational process!

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