Monday, August 31, 2009

Stress Relief Success Story

Just the other day I received this success story from Estelle in South Africa. It is always fun to hear how powerful and effective EFT is for people.

Hi Kathy,

My name is Estelle. I have had the third edition of EFT - The manual by Gary Graig. I downloaded it a couple of years back already.

The first time I downloaded it, I read through it and thought it was interesting, tried it a couple of times....and forgot about it.

I've been in bed for the past 4 weeks with the most terrible pain in my back anyone can imagine. I broke 4 ribs in 1994. About 2 years ago it started to bother me again. The doctor said two of the ribs did not heal properly and there's nothing they can do about it now. there I was…not allowed to move or pick up anything, otherwise I'd have to pay the price. But 4 weeks back this injury REALLY came back to haunt me in a proper way. I am in constant pain. It must be something to do with a nerve because painkillers don't work for it.

As I was lying here in bed this morning ...... in pain ....I browsed through some old files, and came across the EFT manual pdf file. I thought it was a bit "old" and Googled for more info. That's how I came across your site.

I downloaded the free Stress Relief Session and immediately went through the tapping session...twice.

While I was doing it, I had the worst pain in my back ever...with a funny tingling sensation all over my body as well, but I pushed through! The pain was almost unbearable. At times it felt as if I couldn't breath....but afterwards...the pain faded gradually...and stopped! I was totally amazed!

I know I have a lot of stress in my body that I need to get rid of ...... and this is the way I'm going to do it as well. I truly believe that this is the way forward for me. This is life-changing!

Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work you're doing!

Best regards,
Estelle (South Africa)

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