Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Have the Power!

I attended Donna Eden's Energy Medicine for Your Life workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is a picture of Donna and her husband David Feinstein.

Moving energy is so simple and easy that I wanted to share one of her techniques.

EFT meridian tapping is wonderful for shifting your energy and addressing minor aches and pains, but it is not the only way to move energy. Here is a quick and effected technique for breaking up the blocked or congested energy that shows up in your body as pain, stiffness or discomfort.

I have adapted the following instructions for sending energy to your body from pages 18-19 of Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine for Women.

1. Locate an area on your body with some minor discomfort, tenderness, soreness, pain, tension or stiffness. Your shoulders are good place to start since most people carry some tension and tightness in this area. Just feel around or move your body around until you locate a specific area to work on. (For this initial exercise, don’t choose the biggest issue you have in your body. Pick something minor to work on.)

2. Put your attention on the area.

3. Give the discomfort a number from 0 to 10, where 0 is not feeling any discomfort and 10 is feeling extreme discomfort. You may need to poke around the area or move your body around in order to rate the level of discomfort. You can also check range of motion issues. Be gentle with yourself and don’t do anything to further irritate or damage the area.

4. Now, vigorously rub your hands together for a few seconds and shake them off. (I have found that I like to do this 3 times. It just happens to be my preference. Once is enough.)

5. Cup one of your hands about two inches above the area where you feel the discomfort. Use whichever hand best reaches the area you are addressing.

6. Begin to move your hand over the area in a slow, counterclockwise circle.

7. Make about a dozen rotations. As you are doing that notice any sensations that you are experiencing in your hand or in the area of discomfort.

8. Stop the rotations and hold your hand over the area for a few more seconds and then relax.

9. Check the area of discomfort and notice if there is any change. Give the discomfort a 0-10 rating again.

10. Repeat the process if you notice a change, but not complete elimination of the discomfort.

11. You may discover that the pain or discomfort has moved. Once again just repeat the process holding your hand over the new area of discomfort.

12. If you don’t notice any change in yourself, take a break and try it again at another time, or try out the technique on a friend or family member and see if they notice any change. Some people discover it is easier get results working on others rather than on themselves.

Energy is fun to play with. Amp up your curiosity about what is possible and how much power you have to facilitate change in your body. Empower yourself with this process and offer to help others by sending energy into their aches and pains.

Feel free to post your success stories using this technique.

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