Monday, March 07, 2011

EFT for Stress Relief - Success Story

I asked permission to share the following success story I received from someone who downloaded the Stress Relief Session from my web site. The message was so inspiring to me that I believed it will be helpful to others to read. I have removed the name and location of this individual as they wanted to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of their situation.

Hi Kathy,

Unfortunately this email won´t enhance your wealth but I owe you a real debt of gratitude and I felt it important to thank you.

Almost two years go I was diagnosed with Cancer having discovered a lump in my body. My first reaction was one of stark fear followed by absolutely “nothing”. It was as if I didn´t have Cancer at all, apart from a few aches and pains I was “fine”, just needed to work on a physical cure.

For my sins I have little regard for the conventional forms of treating Cancer so I began to research the internet, the research took several weeks and in the end I decided upon The Budwig Diet, it seemed right for me.

During my research I read much of the effects of illness on the mind and indeed the widely shared view that the mind itself might even be a major contributor to physical illnesses. (I believe conventional medicine is belatedly coming around to this way of thinking). I also came across EFT and thought little of it, particularly as my interpretation of the mental side of things was that everything was well under control.

The weeks passed as I stuck religiously with my new Budwig regimen, until that is one evening, I went to bed and was unable to sleep. This continued for a full week by the end of which I was a complete and utter wreck. I wasn´t thinking or worrying about the Cancer but my mouth was dry in the night, I got up to urinate maybe a dozen times each and every night. I could hear every sound in my body, I was exhausted but still I couldn´t sleep.

To add to my woes I began to develop phobias for the first time in my life. I couldn´t drink a glass of water without the onset of a panic attack, this exacerbated my dehydration, I felt I was losing my sanity.

I´d chosen to tell no-one of my Cancer (apart from my dear wife), you know, the strange looks, the wagging tongues, the morbid curiosity. I´d seen it with other people and I didn´t want any part of that. I didn´t speak to my family primarily because my Mum was 83 at the time and not in a good state of health, it may have lead to her decline.

I did however confide in a friend whom I knew to have a degenerative illness and I trusted to be discreet. Having expressed his sympathy for my condition, he then told me of his own situation and asked whether I had “accepted” my illness. At first I didn´t really understand what he meant by his question but after much talk and consideration it appeared that my “dealing” with my illness was a complete misconception and that my week of trauma was most likely due to my burying the problem.

Well there you are, I needed help and I needed it fast. Discovering the problem was one thing, dealing with it quite another.

At this point I revisited my research and turned towards the EFT more specifically your own “free” 14 minute Anxiety Relief Session. It literally brought me back from the brink Kathy and for that I´m truly grateful.

I´ve used it daily for over 18 months now. As a bi-product it has also resolved a 15 year Blood Pressure problem, my BP is now low if anything, all this as I contend with the difficulty of fighting the Cancer.

I´ve never slept well for as long as I can remember, however, your tape has also contributed to an enormous improvement there too, I now have 8 hours sleep, every night.

In the first 18 months my Cancer markers were steadily improving, that is until early November when there was a set back. Again I went into panic mode but this time my grief lasted only for a few hours. I bombarded myself with your tape and I slept well that very night and the following day I was positive once more and ready to do battle.

The Cancer is of course a worry but believe me, the way the mind deals with it is so important. When the mind fails, everything else collapses with it.

I have joined an EFT group and decided I will train so that I might help others. I attended the first part of my training on January 3rd, the energy I derived from the group was beyond belief, indeed upon my return home the following day whilst bouncing up and down on my trampoline (this oxygenates the cells and fights the cancer) I had what I would call a revelation.

It came to my mind that I had actually given myself Cancer as punishment for the awful financial decisions I´d made over the last few years. By this putting my wife and I in an awful predicament.

All this apart I felt positive about my discovery and through EFT I´m continuing with the recovery process both physical and mental.

Kathy, your tape has been a marvellous help, thank you sincerely.Name and location withheld by request

Please share this story with anyone that might benefit.


Dan Bass said...

Emotional Freedom Technique has changed my sister-in-law's life for the better. Her relationship with her kids changed which is relieving. Seeing her talking to her kids like a high school friend is surreal.

Patrisia said...

HI, I'm Patrisia. EFT is a wonderful alternative treatment. I've recovered from chronic sneezing for years with EFT. And I've been learning this method via books.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks again for this wonderful reading!

Liza said...

I don't get a headache often, but when I do it tends to be really bad. So I decided to use EFT and it worked! I can stop taking paracetamol! :-)